STP’s IT engineering expertise spans the entire implementation over its full lifecycle.

Few companies have hands-on experience engineering and building an entire enterprise system.

We have real I.T. engineering expertise.

STP’s IT engineering expertise spans the entire implementation over its full lifecycle. Our hands-on experience architecting and engineering systems for the IRS has given STP the unique engineering know-how to solve a customer’s greatest of challenges through IT. We have engineered systems that can never fail, scale to seasonal peak demands, protect against attacks from enemy nations, and are accessible to anyone who needs to use the systems’ services.

Our IT engineering expertise includes the following:



Benchmarking, testing and tuning the system.



Modeling and sizing the network, hardware and software layers.



Identifying vulnerabilities, determining countermeasures, and creating policy.



Conducting risk assessments and safeguarding data.



Choosing design patterns, directing development teams, and reviewing code.



Architecting the network topology and configuring network components.



Designing storage area networks and backup routines.


Disaster Recovery

Identifying and assessing potential points of failure and developing a strategy for continuity.



Designing and tuning databases, directories and data warehouses, creating data migration plans, and determining data mining techniques.



Architecting multi-platform guaranteed delivery communications.



Designing systems to collect, correlate, and report faults, events, and performance trends from processes and components.



Establishing and optimizing best practice procedures and measuring results to make further improvements.



Identifying and assessing processes favorable for automation and designing and executing automation scripts.

Cloud Engineering

STP’s engineers will cloud-enable your enterprise.

Cloud Strategy

Creating your roadmap for adopting cloud technologies.


Cloud Migration

Transitioning your IT services to IAAS, PAAS and SAAS solutions.


Cloud Integration

Connecting your legacy systems with cloud implementations.


Cloud Managed Services

Running your IT services in a cloud environment.


“As an ACA Information Returns (AIR) vendor partner, STP provided the AIR project with excellent systems engineering and technical services support.”

IRS Contract Officer in Contract Performance Assessment Report