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Commercial Pricing

STP understands that you need the greatest return from every dollar you spend. This is why we engineer everything we do to keep the total cost of our services low, while the value you receive is high.

We know how to work within budgets.

Our managers, engineers and accountants keep a watchful eye on every aspect of a project’s finances.


Extensive budgeting and forecasting keep expenses in check.


Accounting and project management review budgets and forecasts and examine labor to confirm accuracy of time entries.


Accounting policy and controls adhere to GAAP, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and stringent Defense Contract Audit Agency guidelines.

Doing the job right the first time.

There is no substitute for having the right people. We use only the most qualified personnel.

Industry experience

Current STP employees average 27 years of industry experience.

Qualified Personnel

New employees are carefully screened and vetted to measure subject matter expertise, professionalism, and communication skills.

Relevant training

Employees are provided with training to keep their skills current and relevant.

Efficient processes and technology to save time.

Repeatable and measurable processes allow us to provide predictable and consistent results. We use best practices and industry standard methods to build your IT systems.

Proven methods

STP engineers use Agile, DevOps, and Six Sigma to build enterprise capabilities.

Streamlined processes

Internal procedures are streamlined to reduce indirect costs.

Automate wherever possible

Automation is used wherever possible to reduce labor and human error.

Quality is checked throughout the entire lifecycle.

A good price means nothing if the result is poor. We take every measure to provide a superior product.

Verifying our work

Our quality assurance engineers conduct independent verification and validation of our work.

Measured and analyzed

Key quality performance indicators are collected, measured and analyzed.

Management reviews

Everyone is responsible for quality. Peer and management reviews are conducted at every step.

Government Pricing

We have successfully performed on over 100 task orders. When contracting directly with the federal government, our customers have always rated us as excellent in all five Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting (CPAR) system categories.


“STP provided excellent systems engineering and technical services support”

– Federal Customer



“All of STP’s deliverables were delivered on schedule and STP did not request dates to be changed from what was originally accepted”

– Federal Customer


Cost Control

“This reach back process was utilized often and proved to be extremely valuable for controlling costs and maintaining schedule”

– Federal Customer



“As a partner, STP provided excellent project management support”

– Federal Customer


Regulatory Compliance

“STP takes regulatory compliance very seriously and diligently adheres to all regulatory compliance requirements”

– Federal Customer


For over 16 years, STP has excelled in adding value to any job we take on for the federal government.

Having experience

Many government contractors win awards because they bid cheap entry level labor. The critical work that we do is work the government would never want performed by inexperienced personnel.

Delivering within constraints

Each year the government is asked to do more with less. Governments cannot waste valuable funds covering cost overruns by irresponsible contractors. At STP, working within your constraints is our top priority.

Being flexible

Our customers’ business can change at a moment’s notice. Having a partner who is flexible is essential to achieving a successful outcome. Unlike many contractors who would take advantage of last minute requests, STP is willing to renegotiate contract terms to maintain a fair and equitable relationship.

Partnering with the customer

No one knows their business better than our customers. To build new enterprise capabilities, we engage stakeholders throughout the entire organization. We also encourage our customers to actively participate with all phases of the lifecycle, welcoming their knowledge, knowhow and feedback every step of the way.

Responding quickly

STP understands that the customer expects timely actions from its contractors. This is why we empower our people to make decisions, allowing them to respond to requests without lengthy internal escalations.

Using our own employees

STP uses its own employees to get the job done. We eliminate the unnecessary cost and risk of multi-tier pass through arrangements that provide no added value to the customer.

Providing thought leadership

Given that we are not a staffing agency or a company that simply contracts our work to others, we believe it is our duty to provide our customers with ideas on how to better their enterprise.

GSA Schedule

For our federal, state, and local government buyers we offer contracting through our GSA Schedule. Click below to see our GSA schedule.

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