Adequate Protection is More Than Just Firewalls

Security today is more than just setting up and monitoring firewalls. As business applications become more sophisticated, the opportunities for cyber criminals increase substantially. Some business were slow to protect their infrastructures against the rising threat of sophisticated intrusion techniques and sacrificed their user’s private information and their own competitive proprietary data. 

An adequate security system must incorporate a well-articulated and monitored security policy, real time intrusion detection and countermeasures, network and application firewalls, data and communication encryption, and audit collection and forensic analysis. However, relying solely on the security system for protection is a mistake. Understanding all the risks and implementing a risk management framework is critical to maintaining and protecting your infrastructure, data, and applications. Many cyber risks can be mitigated by the proper design of the business applications and its underlying infrastructure and their ability to support timely updates of patches and fixes.

STP can help protect your critical assets using the experience we gained protecting the nation’s critical assets. STP’s experience includes:

  • Designing and deploying NIST compliant web single sign-on and role based access solutions using industry leading COTS software such as CA SiteMinder®

  • Implementing both custom and COTS NIST compliant identity and access management solutions that support millions of users such as integrating CA IdentityMinderTM with CA SiteMinder®, CA Directory, other customer specific systems, and a custom presentation layer via a standard SOA interface
  • Building secure LDAP and X.500 directory solutions using products such as Microsoft Active Directory or CA’s Directory

Please contact us for more information about how STP can support your security needs.