Building a proper foundation

The best infrastructures are those that go unnoticed. Infrastructures that are transparent to its users are designed to withstand increases in demand, cyber attacks, and the ever evolving change in the business and technological landscape.  STP will use its vast experience building mission critical infrastructures to build your information technology foundation that is:

  • Secure at the end user, application, and network layers
  • Scalable without needing additional hardware
  • Available 99.999% of the time
  • Responsive within the timeframe that your users expect
  • Expansive to new technologies and unique business requirements

STP can help build your infrastructure using the experience we gained building critical infrastructures for US Federal Agencies. STP’s infrastructure experience includes:

  • Establishing the enterprise vision and architecture
  • Building the logical and physical design models using the latest in industry techniques
  • Integrating middleware and portal COTS products such as WebSphere® MQ, WebSphere® Application Server, JBoss®, webMethods, and Vignette
  • Creating performance engineering models
  • Developing service oriented solutions in Java and .NET
  • Implementing database and directory systems using Oracle, DB2, Active Directory, or CA Directory
  • Deploying, maintaining, and administering mission critical systems

Please contact us for more information about how STP can support your infrastructure needs.