About STP

Company Profile

Strategic Technology Partners LLC (STP) is a small business solutions and service provider specializing in helping commercial businesses and government agencies modernize their information technology infrastructures, develop business applications, and deploy cybersecurity solutions.

STP will leverage its experience, such as modernizing the IRS infrastructure, building end user self-service applications for millions of taxpayers and IRS employees and implementing the cyber security system that protects the private data and assets of the IRS and its users, to build solutions that meet the unique needs of commercial businesses and government agencies. 

We at STP understand the importance of keeping your infrastructure simple to use, simple to operate, and simple to change.

We understand the need to protect your valuable assets from internal and external attacks, and we understand the importance of providing business applications that are usable, accessible, responsive, and available.

We also understand the challenges of managing projects within budget, technical and legal constraints. That is why STP is committed to helping your organization implement high quality, budget conscious solutions.